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Top 10 Applications for Education

Nowadays, we often use smartphones and tablets. We download and use multiple of games and applications. There are educational applications that can help students in their class. I will give you 10 educational applications.



10. Math Formulary

Math Formulary covers all mathematical formulas that are usually used in school and in the university. Where necessary graphics are included to depict and explain the topic better. It is a better app for those […]

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Social Media: A Helpful Thing?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all are part of social media. These sites help us to communicate other people around the globe, socializing with other people, and to entertain us. And there are also disadvantages of using these sites. But these things are very helpful during natural and man-made disasters. I will take example of Zamboanga crisis, the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol, and the Super Typhoon “Yolanda” hit central Philippines that […]

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Things to do Before Examination

Have ever crammed during your examinations? Are you also experiencing mental block? Well, I will tell you ways on how to get higher scores in your examination.

First, be confident. Don’t pressure yourselves when the examination is getting near. Pressuring yourselves may result to mental block during examination. Just stay calm and review your textbooks.

Second, find a quiet place. Find a place that you are comfortable with (but not too comfortable […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Philippines


Philippines- La Islas de San Lazaro, La Islas Filipinas and Pearl of the Orient Sea. A country located in South-East Asia that has 7,107 islands. This Y-shaped country is one of the must visit countries in the whole world. It has interesting history, different ethnics groups and it is one of the Melting Pot of Cultures. Now, I will tell you 3 reasons why you should visit Philippines.


First, its PEOPLE. […]

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