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Christine Celeste is a Grade 10 student, studying at good tree international school. She will be going to study in Adamson University next year, she will take BSBA major in financial management. But she is afraid of what will college life will be in her journey but she is praying to God to guide her. If you want to be a successful person someday just pray to God and He will guide you ;))))

11 Steps on How to Put Makeup

This coming February schools will celebrate the juniors and seniors prom or valentine’s ball for all the high school level. Our school will be having our High school ball soon, so I have 11 steps here for you to follow, to make you look gorgeous on your coming ball.

Clean your face preferably with a non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic type of facial wash. This type of facial wash or cleanser do not […]

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Philippines is the strongest country!

I would like to say that Philippines is known as the strongest country. Do you want to know why?  In this year 2013, there were a lot of calamities Philippines has experienced.

First is the climate change that every part of the Philippines is experiencing. Not only calamities prove that Philippines is the strongest country because

Second is the battle between the MILF and our soldiers in Zamboanga. There are a lot […]

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Some Special People

Some special people in this world are the most precious and the most appreciated people of all. They are the people in our government system, people in our service economy, our parents, friends and even the intelligent and those people who having an extraordinary talents.

Some special people in our government system, they are the reason why our country is growing. They are doing a lot of things for our country. […]

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Friendship is Love


               In a course of person’s lifetime, there are so many prayers that get whispered and so many hopes that fill the heart. There are wishing stars that spend their entire evenings listening to all the things we long for. We have said those prayers and had those hopes, and chatted with more than we share of stars in the sky. I always feel that if I ask, believe, and […]

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