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Love vs. Education

Love vs. Education

We always hear from our parents, “Education First!” but, for teenagers in today’s generation says, “what is education if we don’t have inspiration?” Some teenagers nowadays in early age, they already have the responsibility on their own family, especially their children that’s why they stop in school. But still they are teenagers who make their family proud, they’ve been successful by the help of their family and by […]

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Christmas in Philippines

‘Feliz Navidad!’, ‘Krismasi Njema!’, ‘Christmas MobArak!’, ‘Meri Kurisumasu!’ ,’Bo Nadal!’  ‘Merry Christmas!’ . These are different languages saying MERRY CHRISTMAS!. Different countries all over the world celebrate Christmas which symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. The Tagalog word Pasko derives from the Spanish word Pascua. Although the word Pascua means Easter, Pascua de Navidad refers to Christmas. Philippines is one of the two dominant catholic countries in Asia. Christmas and […]

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Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Safety

A magnitude-7.2 earthquake struck Central Visayas . A total of 93 people have been confirmed killed more than twelve hours after the earthquake. Total of 77 bodies have been recovered in some parts of Bohol, 15 in Cebu and 1 more in Siqiujor.

In these coming days we doesn’t know what will happened, might be tomorrow will have an earthquake, tornado or any calamities. So it’s better to be prepared. […]

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