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I am a 13 y/o student studying at G.T.I.S. I like to draw, sing, and also design things. Sometimes WRITING is my passion but sometimes DESIGNING is. *_*

Being a Leader

Being a leader is being a member. Every command you say, deserves a reaction from your members and if these are suited or right then it would be perfect if you follow it; however, don’t be abusive with your commands and sometimes don’t let your members be abusive with the things they want. You also need to be a leader and a leader needs the characteristics […]

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What is the Future?

Ever since the world began, everyone started to predict what’s going to happen next. One would say technology would invade people’s lives or one would say that the world is going to end on 12-21-12. The first one is true but the other is, of course not because it’s already 2013!

With predicting, solving and others, we can say that everyone wants to know the FUTURE. Future. What is it? According […]

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