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jerome likes video games and studying. He prefers to study after eating chocolates.


As we all know, citizen pertains to people,the mass, and the population. We live and interact with people everyday. We talk, speak, and make businesses with these things. In short, we need them to survive. Having people is a need.

But what if everything changed? What if the people vanished? What if your friends disappeared? Will you live? In some ways, yes, but it will be hard and you will lack […]

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How Music affects us

How does Music affect us?

Hello readers! As I was listening to some tunes, a thought suddenly came to my mind. What is the difference of what everyone calls as noise from the soothing, refreshing and relaxing music? Is there really any difference? It turns out they have. Music, as we know it, sounds good because of its organized and discrete structure. It became so popular with us people that we […]

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What is Fear?

What is Fear?

As we all know, fear is something that we don’t want to experience, something we feel uneasy or uncomfortable. But it’s also what keeps us alive, why? Because fear causes us to stay away from something, to sense that an object or an animal can pose a danger to you. It makes sense to be afraid of poisonous snakes or  deadly sharks, but what about fear when there […]

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Reasons why Video Games can help students

Reasons why video games can help students

So I found out that some people, mostly adults, doesn’t want their children playing video games because of the fact that it can lead their child to addiction and prevent the young people from getting good grades. Well fear not! I will defend you using some things I observed that can prove to be helpful for student gamers and young people who want […]

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