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Born at September 28, 1996 at Mary Johnston, Tondo, Manila. Lives at Belview, Meadows, Bagtas, Tanza, Cavite. Currently studying at GTIS. Loves music and arts

The Big 4: Road to Success

College is an organized group of professional people with particular aims, duties, and privileges. Many universities in the Philippines has opened up big opportunities for many high school graduates. But what are the best Universities we can consider here in our country? There were these universities that were known  to be as “The Big Four”. But what are the Big four?, and what’s up with them?

The Big 4 are the top […]

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Gentleness: Absence Of Bad Temper

Gentleness is the gradualness or the property possessed by a slope that is very gradual. It is the state of a person’s mindset that can affect a person’s mood or reaction. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, gentleness is the mildness of manners or disposition, but what does this gentleness really do in a person’s set of being?

The Bible describes gentleness as the absence of bad temper. According to ( Philippians […]

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World’s Top 5 Billionaire

Life is a giant battle field. Our world is a long race track.  It is full of people fighting for one position, and we all know that there should always be a winner and a loser in a game.

Being on top is the best achievement a person can fulfill in his life, but what is it like to be on the world’s top five billionaires? Was it too hard to […]

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