For sure I know what you are thinking, this subject is a hard,boring, and again very difficult.

For some, it may be “easy”, but for many it is “hard”.

This topic will show why math is hard.

“Math”. When someone says a topic like this, they say,”Uh, skip that topic it is boring, it’s mind shaking!”

Math is hard because they don’t give time to understand it.
Math is hard because they judge it before […]

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An Effective Teacher

Being a teacher is not a just profession. It doesn’t need any diploma for you to teach. Everyone can be a teacher to a learner. But how can you say that you are an effective teacher? What characteristics you should possess to be an effective one? What are the things you must consider? An effective teacher must:

Give consideration to her learner’s capacity and ability. We have different kinds of abilities: […]

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The Big 4: Road to Success

College is an organized group of professional people with particular aims, duties, and privileges. Many universities in the Philippines has opened up big opportunities for many high school graduates. But what are the best Universities we can consider here in our country? There were these universities that were known  to be as “The Big Four”. But what are the Big four?, and what’s up with them?

The Big 4 are the top […]

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Super Typhoon Yolanda

Why does this typhoon called “SUPER”?
This is called “Super” because of the reporters. If there is a typhoon, that is very strong, the reporters say it is super.
But PAG-ASA say that there is no such “SUPER TYHPOON”.
There are kinds of “TYPHOONS”.
First is “TD” means Tropical Depression.
Second is “TS” means Tropical Storm.
Third is “T” means Typhoon.
But there is no such “Super Typhoon.
What are the warnings of a Typhoon?
Signal #1, means it […]

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Why Good Tree?

“The name of a certain thing determines its own charateristics.” This old saying is popularly known in bible; because in ancient times, the newly born babies were named on how the babies went out from the womb of their mother, or how people see their future. For example, Isaac, the son of Abraham, his second child was named Jacob, because he was holding his brother’s heel as he came out […]

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