Two Sides of the World, Which One are You?

Why is it that your parents want you to act mature but they treat you as children? Sometimes we just don’t understand, but always remember that maturity doesn’t come from age but experience.

Some of us live our lives like we don’t even care, our motto of life as que sera sera. Living life as it is, doing things you only wish to do, not even trying and be satisfied by what […]

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Things To Consider In Picking a Gift

Have you ever tried to give someone a gift on his/her birthday, or in some different occasions like Christmas? Did you experience having a hard time to pick what you are going to give? Now, these are the four things to consider in picking the best gift

First: consider the occasion because there are suitable gifts for different occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and weddings.

Second: his/her favorite color. The color should […]

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Why Women Wear Make-up

As I was walking by our school, I heard one of my schoolmates asking this question. Why do women wear make-up? This question intrigued me, so I started to wonder. Yeah, why do women wear make-up? So here are some reasons I found out.

Number one: as most of us know, women are more self-conscious then men. There are a lot of women who creep out of their beds before their […]

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Gentleness: Absence Of Bad Temper

Gentleness is the gradualness or the property possessed by a slope that is very gradual. It is the state of a person’s mindset that can affect a person’s mood or reaction. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, gentleness is the mildness of manners or disposition, but what does this gentleness really do in a person’s set of being?

The Bible describes gentleness as the absence of bad temper. According to ( Philippians […]

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Philippines is the strongest country!

I would like to say that Philippines is known as the strongest country. Do you want to know why?  In this year 2013, there were a lot of calamities Philippines has experienced.

First is the climate change that every part of the Philippines is experiencing. Not only calamities prove that Philippines is the strongest country because

Second is the battle between the MILF and our soldiers in Zamboanga. There are a lot […]

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