Two Sides of the World, Which One are You?

Why is it that your parents want you to act mature but they treat you as children? Sometimes we just don’t understand, but always remember that maturity doesn’t come from age but experience.

Some of us live our lives like we don’t even care, our motto of life as que sera sera. Living life as it is, doing things you only wish to do, not even trying and be satisfied by what life gives you, and especially, the time when a passing grade on a test will make your day! Then soon we might regret the things we have done, or not. On the other hand we might be too occupied trying to perfect everything around us, from church to family, from family to school or work. A single mistake is not accepted, we strive for the best, we live for the best, and we act for the best, but we forget about the things that really matter, like emotions, respect, care, and especially love. We end up not having the time to enjoy ourselves, struggling for air every day and every moment. So now I ask you, which one are you?

For those from the first category, if you realize your mistakes and regret the things you have done, that is a very good start, for when you realize that it’s too late, always remember that that is never too late. But if you are still on the same spot, you better start thinking twice for your future and for yourself. As for the latter, you might be very advanced from everyone else, but never forget that it is not where you are but how you went there, how you interacted with people, and what strategy you used to be in that place. But if you are struggling, tired and exhausted of trying, always remember that your results doesn’t make you any more or less than how God made you. For pressure might pull you down but never quit for it might push you further until the damage can no longer be fixed nor remade.

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About the Author:

Eun Sem Jhung is currently a fourth year student in Good Tree International School. She is one of the Editor in Chief of the Fruit Of Faith.

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