Why Women Wear Make-up

As I was walking by our school, I heard one of my schoolmates asking this question. Why do women wear make-up? This question intrigued me, so I started to wonder. Yeah, why do women wear make-up? So here are some reasons I found out.

Number one: as most of us know, women are more self-conscious then men. There are a lot of women who creep out of their beds before their partner wakes up and put some cosmetics before tiptoeing back to bed. There was this joke I read before showing a sexy girl, skinny that fat, saying she was too fat and ugly while the other one shows a fat man saying he was too hot to be true. For me, I think this is reality. Some might disagree with it but I believe men are more confident than women when it comes to looks.

Number two:  So then, I asked my mom the same question. This is what she told me. “When I don’t wear make-up I feel unprofessional. I don’t feel well presented at all! Sometimes I feel lazy and end up lying on my bed all day long.” Many people judge others by their looks, there are still people these days that look down on women and I think by looking professional they try to show them that they are wrong.

Number three: sometimes people wear make-up to express themselves; usually there are many kinds of style in make-up showing what type of person you could be or what kind of attitude you have. This can be very essential to artists. There are a lot of ways how an artist show their art through make-up. They can paint your whole face with a lipstick or draw artistic pictures on faces. In my opinion I think expressing yourself through make-up is a very creative way to show who you really are.

Putting make-up, most results were not that bad. In fact people with make-up were much more good looking and flawless then those who didn’t put one.

Which triggers the question: why not put make-up?

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Eun Sem Jhung is currently a fourth year student in Good Tree International School. She is one of the Editor in Chief of the Fruit Of Faith.

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  1. Lady Irene Barrameda December 4, 2013 at 11:23 pm - Reply

    Smile is still the best makeup to wear. 😀

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