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14October, 2015

How To Get Rid of Bad Habits in 3 Easy Ways

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“The more you do it, the more difficult it is to get rid of, but every single bad habit can be broken,” says Patricia A. Farell, the author of “How to Be Your Own Therapist” and a clinical psychologist in Englewood N.J.

Hopefuls! It’s never too late to change for the better. Start by getting rid of your bad habits.
Look for something else to do
Once you realized you’re doing the bad […]

06October, 2015

8 Tips on How to Review Effectively

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Periodical examination is just looming ahead of us and we need the best possible memories to cram up all our lessons into our head. Good thing I am here to give you tips that will help you review your lessons for the upcoming “hell week”. (The following tips are a mixture of information that has a scientific basis and experiential basis.)
1. Ask Your Teachers
Asking questions to your teachers about the lesson […]

05October, 2015

GTIS Celebrates Teacher’s Day

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Last October 1, 2015, GTIS celebrated Teacher’s Day in the GTIS Auditorium which was organized by the Student Body Organization.

Secretly organized, every grade level presented their gratitude towards their teachers and advisers through singing, dancing and acting. The Preschool students presented their dance and poem recital. The Grade 1 gave a heartfelt poem, Grades 2-4 gave hand-written letters to show their gratitude, Grade 5 sang “Flashlight” by Jessie J., Grade […]

01October, 2015

World Taekwondo Mission Astonishes Goodtreenians

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The World Taekwondo Mission visited and performed at GTIS volleyball court last September 28, 2015 to delight students and to share a wonderful message behind their performance.

WTM is composed of taekwondo players and music team (flute & dancers) who travel all over the world to share a message and make people believe and have more faith in Jesus Christ. WIM didn’t fail to show the students dangerous exhibitions that made […]

24September, 2015

GTIS Bags 4 Gold Medals in Municipal Meet 2015

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Four Taekwondo students of Good Tree International School Sarah Masicap, Adriel Jed Pastera, Aldrin Joshua Pastera, and Frank Ylanan copped a gold medal in the Tanza Municipal Meet 2015. More that 40 GTIS students joined various sports activities like Basketball men, Volleyball men, Volleyball women, Athletics, Taekwondo, Chess, Table Tennis, and Badminton. There were great improvements to the standings compared to last year’s municipal meet. Even though there weren’t any […]

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