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11August, 2015

5 Filipino Food for Foreigners

By |August 11, 2015|Food|0 Comments

The Philippines has a lot of weird culture, and Filipino food also has its own share. Because of this reason, the Philippines has a lot of exotic food but even though it might be weird or disgusting to other “non-adventurous”  people, we still love to eat them! That is why I will reveal 5 Filipino food out of the many that other culture think are weird.

Balut- It may not seem […]

10August, 2015

The Difference between the 18th Century Students and 21st Century Students

By |August 10, 2015|Academic|0 Comments

From the past time, education has existed. What do you think their student life was? It was so much different from what your life as a student today. It was hard for the students back then to research things while you as a student of the 21st century can easily find answers.

From the past, every research, assignments, projects and etc., it was being done manually. They scan every book in the […]

08August, 2015

GTIS Students Take Part with BFP’s Earthquake and Fire Drill

By |August 8, 2015|News|0 Comments

The Bureau of Fire Protection Tanza, took a visit at Good Tree International School on August 5, 2015 to conduct awareness for the most anticipated earthquake, “The Big One” as some may say, that is most likely to occur because of the west valley fault line. Students gathered by the school’s quadrangle along with their teachers. While they listened attentively as FO1 Edward Catindig started to explain the meaning of […]

06August, 2015

Top 5 Disgusting Food that People Actually Eat

By |August 6, 2015|Food|0 Comments

From the developed duck, raw octopus, exotic food and even a part of the human body I’ve collected five of the most disgusting food that human eat. Let’s start the countdown.

Up in number 5 is Balut. Balut is an exotic food most especially from the Southeast Asia. It is a duck embryo that almost fully develops; I mean almost fully develop- feathers, beak and bones inside an egg. Even though […]

05August, 2015

5 Things To Consider Before Posting a Facebook Status

By |August 5, 2015|Technology|0 Comments

Facebook is the most used and abundant social networking site among all according to many surveys and researches. From our youngest brothers and sisters, new generation teens, middle-aged people until the elder ones all over the world, we can found them on Facebook. People coming from different places having different personalities are gathered into one place. It is truly a helpful and entertaining site where everyone can share their thoughts […]

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