11 Steps on How to Put Makeup

11 Steps on How to Put Makeup

This coming February schools will celebrate the juniors and seniors prom or valentine’s ball for all the high school level. Our school will be having our High school ball soon, so I have 11 steps here for you to follow, to make you look gorgeous on your coming ball.

  1. Clean your face preferably with a non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic type of facial wash. This type of facial wash or cleanser do not dry out pores of teens and young school girls. After washing the face, pat it dry with a soft face towel.
  2. Apply toner using a cotton to get rid of any residue or dirt left on your face.
  3. Apply foundation evenly onto the face using upward strokes. Always try and find the lightest foundation that come near to your skin tone. Apply it up to your jaw bone and temples down onto your neck and make sure there are no streaks.
  4. Apply your favorite concealer. Remember to go over dark circles under your eyes and other blemishes or unattractive marks.
  5. Put Eye shadow: Get your favorite 3 colors, make sure they look good with your skin, eyes, and hair.
  6. Eye liner. Apply either along the top of your lashes and your bottom lash line. Try to only do halfway along your lower lash line, or you risk making your eyes look really small.
  7. Apply mascara.
  8. Don’t forget the lip gloss or lipstick! It’s a perfect finishing touch. In applying lip gloss, don’t apply it all over your lips.
  9. Put a bit of powder over any concealer just to blend it.
  10. Don’t apply to much makeup you don’t want to look like a cake face.
  11. You should only wash your face two times a day: in the morning and before you go to bed. If you wash your face too much, your face will get really dried out.


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