3 Reasons Why We Need to Study in School

3 Reasons Why We Need to Study in School

Undoubtedly, education is a necessity. While there are several places where we can learn, the school remains to be the fundamental venue for education. Here is why.

1. The school is an institution that sets your foundation for learning. You learn your basic subjects from schools- Math, Language and Reading, and Science. It is where you get to socialize with people of your age such as when you are in your grade school. This socialization continues up to college and may continue should you choose to pursue your post-graduate course. Traveling back in time, you will realize that it was in school that you learned how to read, write, and compute. You listen to your teachers and obey what they say and ask you to do. You receive your first home work instructions, and learn how to be responsible to answer it and be ready the following day.

2. The process of education happens in school. Primarily, the school is the institution that helps you develop your mind through academics. While you can gain knowledge and understanding elsewhere, such as watching education videos or television shows, or reading in books on your own, it is still in school where you get most of your learning. If you value education, you will go through the formal process of schooling. It is continuous learning appropriate for your mind development, the reason it has levels such as preparatory or pre-school, elementary or primary, high school or secondary, and college or tertiary. It is also your choice to pursue higher learning such as post-graduate education like master’s and doctoral degrees. Pre-school to high school prepare the development of your mind. In college, you learn how to specialize or pursue you interests. Post-graduate courses provide you additional learning to become an expert in your field of interest. It satisfies the need for continuous learning and reward you with a formal degree.

3. The education you get from school is a requirement for your future job or employment. In all countries, education from school is required. It is the obligation of parents to send the children to school. If you are a grown-up, it is your obligation to yourself to complete your educational requirement. While the minimum standards may vary, most employers require that you complete your tertiary education before they choose to hire your services. This means you will find it difficult to get an employment without completing your education from a formal institution we call school.

These are the three fundamental reasons we need to study at school. Not everyone may like going to school to study. However, everyone must realize that it is in school where you can learn much of the discipline to hone your cognitive abilities. The school is an institution for learning for good reasons. We should learn how to respect it. We can still choose to learn from other avenues, but let us make it a point to complete at least the required education we can get from schools.

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