5 Bizarre Fruits and Vegetables

5 Bizarre Fruits and Vegetables

From a horned vegetable, to a rare kind of citric fruit, and to a hairy kind of tropical fruit, I’ve counted five of the most bizarre fruits and vegetables you can see in this planet.

Horned melon.

It is a vine in the melon and cucumber family. It fruit has a horn-like structure, that’s why they called it horned melon. Ripe horned melon is yellow-orange in skin and lime-green with a jelly-like structure in flesh. It has a sour taste and a texture similar to a cucumber. It is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Buddha’s Hand.

It is an unusually shaped citron fruit that resembles a human hand. Because it is a citric fruit it means that it may be sour or sweet in taste. It has two types, the “open-palm” which is like an open palm and “closed-palm” which looks like a close fist. It is originated in Far East probably in India.


It is a flowering plant in the family of Solanaceae. This fruit grows in warm regions and sub-tropical regions. The whole fruit is completely covered with a papery husk. The fruit is small and orange. The size, shape, and structure are similar to a tomato.

Black Sapote.

It is also known as the chocolate pudding fruit. It is a species of persimmon that is native in eastern Mexico, Central America and Colombia. It is inedible when unripe but when it is ripe, assumes a flavor, consistency, and texture of a chocolate pudding.


It is a tropical tree that is native in Southeast Asia. It is frm the family of Sapindeceae. The name rambutan comes from a Malay-Indonesian language “rambut” which means hair. It is red and hairy outside, but it has a white and soft inside. It is a sweet fruit.


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