A Road to Enjoyment

A Road to Enjoyment


                   Every one of us dreams to have a joyous and happy life. Some say that they can only achieve their happiness through the successful life they can have. Some define it as the laughs and smiles they have all lifelong. Making their neighbors happy is what most of the people know about life’s fulfillment. Some take joy with money, friends, and loved ones and even with revenge. Others just ignore it and live life thinking about how hard life punishes them. But do you know what’s mine? How I define happiness and enjoyment? There are three steps to assure that you are living it with purpose and abundantly.

First, dreaming big and making a way to accomplish it makes life beautiful. Thanking for what you have and being contented for what you don’t have. These are just some components of letting gladness long within you. Being envy for what you don’t have doesn’t make any sense at all. It will just rob your opportunity to let things go right. Dreaming doesn’t just mean that you will sit or lie down on your bed and think of a life you can ever have. You must take a move and work hard for it, because it takes much time and effort to achieve everything you want to in life.

Second, asking God if it is really His plans for you. We may think that our plans could be the best plans for ourselves, yet God’s way is far better than man’s best. We can achieve all we want to have in life, but without acknowledging God in every step you take, will just end up to nothing. It feels like you get all you are dreaming to be and to have, yet there is emptiness inside you. On the other hand, we cannot truly understand what God is doing, but we can trust Him that it is always for the best. It can contradict the things you want in life, because He knows it is not really for your good. We may get sad, disappointed or even get mad, because we don’t get the things we are expecting to happen. God knows what He is doing; He knows the desires of our hearts. Those happenings in our lives are just part of His big plan; because we just see a part, but He sees and knows the whole picture He made.

Lastly, offering all you are achieving within your entire life. Even the smallest things are to be offered only to Him. As we offer those, we will have more blessings and greater things will come on our way. Sometimes, God’s way of showing His love to us is through disguised blessing, the trials. We are becoming stronger being and having a deeper faith in Him. As we go deeper in faith, we come to know Him more and more. He is a loving God that does nothing but the best for us. He let us experience the trials to fit in the person He has planned for us. Giving back our achievements onto Him is just merely a small offering; for from the very start, we are already on His mind. He gave us lives, what are those things to give back to Him?

We cannot have the full enjoyment of life all by ourselves only. We must interact with others and make them happy as well. Living life without purpose makes it boring. Make a move; it’s time for us to dream big, let God know it and offer it to Him. Through these, we make our life fulfilling and enjoying. We will enjoy life in a way we will never expect to happen.

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Lady Irene Cruz Barrameda, has been studying at Good Tree International School for almost four consecutive years and a senior student, a well-dedicated student, and expresses her feelings through writing different types of literature. She also got one of the positions editors-in-chief of Fruits of Faith.

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