About GTIS

About GTIS2018-07-24T11:14:27+08:00

Since it's founding in 2000, Good Tree International School has been dedicated to provide the best quality education in the Philippines

At Good Tree International School, we take a seamless approach to education by preparing students not only in the classroom, but on the playing field, on the stage, through leadership opportunities, through extracurricular activities and with friends through social interaction. Every experience at GTIS is intended to raise the bar in the student’s own life as it relates to excellence.


While many International schools provide an excellent environment for their students, academics are secondary and second rate. At GTIS, our students first and foremost receive a first-rate education. They also learn that excellence goes beyond academic ability; excellence is demonstrated in the students’ commitment to people, in their depth of integrity, in their willingness to work hard, and in their leadership abilities.

What can you expect at Good Tree International School?

  • Academic Excellence
  • Family Atmosphere
  • Spiritual Development
  • Competitive Athletics
  • Emphasis on the Arts
  • Extracurricular Opportunities for Everyone
  • A balanced approach to education that develops the whole student