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Admission Requirements:

1. New students- enrollment applications for new student will be accepted in early march to 2nd week of june.

  • Application form must be completed by parents/guardian
  • Registration fee paid (non refundable, non-deductive, non-transferable)
  • Copy of the latest report card (Form 138)
  • Interviewing and testing dates will be arranged
  • Eligibility for enrollment will be determined and grade placement is established

2. The academic ability of the child will be the consideration in grade placement and acceptance for GTIS enrollment.

3. Students who have been expelled or suspended from their previous school maybe accepted on a probationary basis only if deemed appropriate by the school administration.

4. Transferring students – within the school year must complete the same procedures required for new students.

  • Transferee will be accepted on a space available during school year.
  • All transferees will be treated on an individual basis during the school year

5. Returning Students – are given privilege and opportunity for registration fees prior to the date set for them.

Download Application Form Here

Enrollment Notes:

  • Enrollment for new and transferring students will be on the first come first serve basis.
  • GTIS is not presently equipped to accept children with physical, emotional or learning problems.


Specific Admission:

1. Preschool level (Ages 3 1/2- 6 years old)

Regardless of age, the “Academic Readiness Ability” of the child will be considered for level placement in Kinder or Preparatory.

2. Elementary Level:

Grade 1 – A child with readable hand writing, reading comprehension skills both in English and Filipino

3. High School Level:

Grade 7,8,9, and 10 should have their report card of the previous school.


Download Application Form Here