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Eun Sem Jhung is currently a fourth year student in Good Tree International School. She is one of the Editor in Chief of the Fruit Of Faith.

3 Reasons why Superman Eats Breakfast

 “A bachelor's life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a miserable dinner.” Francis Bacon Most people these days never really care about breakfast; In fact, a lot of them skip breakfast due to busyness, carelessness, and even sleepiness! Are you one of these people? If so, this is the perfect article for you! Because skipping breakfast has surely an impact to your health. In fact, here are some [...]

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The Right Way to Click on Your Addicted Child

Every parent has the worries of their child being a victim of computer addiction. A lot of teenagers now days are very hard to control and discipline, so as a student, here are some tips I have summed up for every parent out there who loves their children. First: Keep devices in public space Being able to use the computer, there are a lot of temptations a teenager can experience, [...]

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Two Sides of the World, Which One are You?

Why is it that your parents want you to act mature but they treat you as children? Sometimes we just don't understand, but always remember that maturity doesn't come from age but experience. Some of us live our lives like we don’t even care, our motto of life as que sera sera. Living life as it is, doing things you only wish to do, not even trying and be satisfied by [...]

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Why Women Wear Make-up

As I was walking by our school, I heard one of my schoolmates asking this question. Why do women wear make-up? This question intrigued me, so I started to wonder. Yeah, why do women wear make-up? So here are some reasons I found out. Number one: as most of us know, women are more self-conscious then men. There are a lot of women who creep out of their beds before [...]

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What to do When you Don’t Know What to do

The sentence “I don’t know” comes in my mind hundreds of times a day. Sometimes we just  really don't know what to do. Feeling desperate but zero in action; wanting to do something but ending up doing nothing. Familiar scenario? I bet. The other day I asked some of my friends, “What should you do when you don’t know what to do? “So far the best answer I got was [...]

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