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Tips on How to Eat in a Buffet

Eating in a buffet is satisfying because there are a lot of varieties of foods that you can eat yet eating here is costly. Some people are not satisfied in eating in a buffet because they are already full on their first round and they feel that they paid big on a small amount of food. So here are some tips on how you can enjoy your hundred pesos plus [...]

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5 Bizarre Fruits and Vegetables

From a horned vegetable, to a rare kind of citric fruit, and to a hairy kind of tropical fruit, I’ve counted five of the most bizarre fruits and vegetables you can see in this planet. Horned melon. It is a vine in the melon and cucumber family. It fruit has a horn-like structure, that’s why they called it horned melon. Ripe horned melon is yellow-orange in skin and lime-green with [...]

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Top 5 Disgusting Food that People Actually Eat

From the developed duck, raw octopus, exotic food and even a part of the human body I've collected five of the most disgusting food that human eat. Let's start the countdown. Up in number 5 is Balut. Balut is an exotic food most especially from the Southeast Asia. It is a duck embryo that almost fully develops; I mean almost fully develop- feathers, beak and bones inside an egg. Even [...]

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