About Lady Irene Barrameda

Lady Irene Cruz Barrameda, has been studying at Good Tree International School for almost four consecutive years and a senior student, a well-dedicated student, and expresses her feelings through writing different types of literature. She also got one of the positions editors-in-chief of Fruits of Faith.

How to Impress a Girl?

Ever tried to get a girl's heart yet she keeps on rejecting you? Have you tried to catch her attention but she don't even look at you? Do want to impress her? Are you eager to get her? These are the ten ways I can give you. 1. Be yourself. Don't be ashamed to show the true you in front of her. Don't make her impressed to the things you cannot do. [...]

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Ways to Ace a College Interview

As graduating students, there are many college choices that awaits to each one of us. Some wants to go to prestigious schools, some wants to take it on places they are near. But before you can get into the campus, there are steps that we need to take. One is the college interview. Want to know the tips to have good performance towards the interview? Let me give you four [...]

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An Effective Teacher

Being a teacher is not a just profession. It doesn't need any diploma for you to teach. Everyone can be a teacher to a learner. But how can you say that you are an effective teacher? What characteristics you should possess to be an effective one? What are the things you must consider? An effective teacher must: Give consideration to her learner’s capacity and ability. We have different kinds of [...]

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Why Good Tree?

"The name of a certain thing determines its own charateristics." This old saying is popularly known in bible; because in ancient times, the newly born babies were named on how the babies went out from the womb of their mother, or how people see their future. For example, Isaac, the son of Abraham, his second child was named Jacob, because he was holding his brother's heel as he came out [...]

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Is Blood Really Red?

Have you ever wonder why our veins in the skin is blue yet when blood comes out it turns out to be red? Did your past science teachers teach you about it? Are you curious enough to notice these little amazing things? Is it really red or blue? Let's take some science adventure. Most of us know that blood is red. But as you observe our skins, we have blue [...]

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