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GTIS Celebrates Teacher’s Day

Last October 1, 2015, GTIS celebrated Teacher's Day in the GTIS Auditorium which was organized by the Student Body Organization. Secretly organized, every grade level presented their gratitude towards their teachers and advisers through singing, dancing and acting. The Preschool students presented their dance and poem recital. The Grade 1 gave a heartfelt poem, Grades 2-4 gave hand-written letters to show their gratitude, Grade 5 sang "Flashlight" by Jessie J., [...]

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5 Unhealthy Food on the Planet

Here are some food that are worst on the planet. After reading this, you might really change your way of eating your daily meals. Processed Meat; according to, the American Institute for Cancer Research, says that meats that are preserved through smoking, salting, curing, or that has been chemically preserved, are connected to the risk of colon cancer. These kind of food are inclined to have lots of salt, [...]

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Productivity Tips

In the eyes of people, being productive means they need to work hard and hard for them to be productive, thus it means getting/being rich. In contrary, this is not. There are top three tips for us to be productive. These are: 1. Have God in your Heart and Mind. Some people are just relying on their physical strength, even though they know God, they don’t accept Jesus and believe [...]

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Blessings and Form of Living

In our daily lives, we eat and eat and eat. All we know, without this food we can’t live. Some people eat 3 times a day and some eat more than that. Do you think without God, we will live? What if there is no God that provides everything we need? In this article, it’s not only foods or gadgets or anything that make us live in everyday struggle in [...]

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"MATHEMATICS" For sure I know what you are thinking, this subject is a hard,boring, and again very difficult. For some, it may be "easy", but for many it is "hard". This topic will show why math is hard. "Math". When someone says a topic like this, they say,"Uh, skip that topic it is boring, it's mind shaking!" Math is hard because they don't give time to understand it. Math is [...]

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