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Lemuel Mercado's favorite animal is a Panda because it resembles him.He loves reading, writing and watching anime out of his many interest and is very imaginative with an INFJ personality.

8 Tips on How to Review Effectively

Periodical examination is just looming ahead of us and we need the best possible memories to cram up all our lessons into our head. Good thing I am here to give you tips that will help you review your lessons for the upcoming "hell week". (The following tips are a mixture of information that has a scientific basis and experiential basis.) 1. Ask Your Teachers Asking questions to your teachers about [...]

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7 Lessons That Food Teaches Us

We need food for our daily life. It is essential for us to live, grow and to be productive. But how about our spiritual life? We need to feed our spirits just the same not with materialistic food but with spiritual food so that we may understand God more and that we may be nearer to Him. And with that, here are 7 lessons that food taught us for our [...]

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Healthify Your Dessert!

Everyone eats sweets once in a while. You cannot deny that once in your life, you have craved for something sugary. But along with this is a creeping feeling of worry about your weight. It is important for us to stay in shape for us to have a strong body. This leads to a question "Should I choose to eat sweets or should I stay away from temptation?". Worry no more [...]

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5 Filipino Food for Foreigners

The Philippines has a lot of weird culture, and Filipino food also has its own share. Because of this reason, the Philippines has a lot of exotic food but even though it might be weird or disgusting to other "non-adventurous"  people, we still love to eat them! That is why I will reveal 5 Filipino food out of the many that other culture think are weird. Balut- It may not [...]

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