How To Get Rid of Bad Habits in 3 Easy Ways

“The more you do it, the more difficult it is to get rid of, but every single bad habit can be broken,” says Patricia A. Farell, the author of “How to Be Your Own Therapist” and a clinical psychologist in Englewood N.J. Hopefuls! It’s never too late to change for the better. Start by getting rid of your bad habits. Look for something else to do Once you realized you’re [...]

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8 Tips on How to Review Effectively

Periodical examination is just looming ahead of us and we need the best possible memories to cram up all our lessons into our head. Good thing I am here to give you tips that will help you review your lessons for the upcoming "hell week". (The following tips are a mixture of information that has a scientific basis and experiential basis.) 1. Ask Your Teachers Asking questions to your teachers about [...]

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The Difference between the 18th Century Students and 21st Century Students

From the past time, education has existed. What do you think their student life was? It was so much different from what your life as a student today. It was hard for the students back then to research things while you as a student of the 21st century can easily find answers. From the past, every research, assignments, projects and etc., it was being done manually. They scan every book in [...]

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Productivity Tips

In the eyes of people, being productive means they need to work hard and hard for them to be productive, thus it means getting/being rich. In contrary, this is not. There are top three tips for us to be productive. These are: 1. Have God in your Heart and Mind. Some people are just relying on their physical strength, even though they know God, they don’t accept Jesus and believe [...]

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