Being a Leader

Being a leader is being a member. Every command you say, deserves a reaction from your members and if these are suited or right then it would be perfect if you follow it; however, don't be abusive with your commands and sometimes don't let your members be abusive with the things they want. You also need to be a leader and a leader needs the characteristics that can be helpful [...]

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Ways to Ace a College Interview

As graduating students, there are many college choices that awaits to each one of us. Some wants to go to prestigious schools, some wants to take it on places they are near. But before you can get into the campus, there are steps that we need to take. One is the college interview. Want to know the tips to have good performance towards the interview? Let me give you four [...]

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Top 10 Applications for Education

Nowadays, we often use smartphones and tablets. We download and use multiple of games and applications. There are educational applications that can help students in their class. I will give you 10 educational applications. Math Formulary     10. Math Formulary Math Formulary covers all mathematical formulas that are usually used in school and in the university. Where necessary graphics are included to depict and explain the topic [...]

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Teachers are Important

Teacher,when we hear this word , the first thing that crosses our mind is the one who is responsible for teaching us in school. Yes, its true that teachers are the one that are responsible for teaching us, but we don't understand how important teachers are . Come to think of it. What if we don't have our teachers? Who are going to teach us? Do you think we can [...]

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Love vs. Education

Love vs. Education We always hear from our parents, "Education First!" but, for teenagers in today's generation says, "what is education if we don't have inspiration?" Some teenagers nowadays in early age, they already have the responsibility on their own family, especially their children that's why they stop in school. But still they are teenagers who make their family proud, they've been successful by the help of their family and [...]

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