The Difference between the 18th Century Students and 21st Century Students

The Difference between the 18th Century Students and 21st Century Students

From the past time, education has existed. What do you think their student life was? It was so much different from what your life as a student today. It was hard for the students back then to research things while you as a student of the 21st century can easily find answers.

From the past, every research, assignments, projects and etc., it was being done manually. They scan every book in the library and search for the topic they need. It took them hours to do only one subject. If you were born in the 18th century, do you think you can handle this?

Let us now go to the students from the 21st century. The student in the present time has an easier life. In research there is this website like Google wherein, you can easily answer your questions. Just type your question and click search then it will be easily answered. Even your most stupid and the hardest question can be answered. Isn’t it amazing?

No questions that the life of the students in the present time is easier than the life of the students from the past. My next question is who was the lucky one? The students from the 18th century? Or the students from the 21st century?

The students in the present time, yes, they have this easier life, but it is also their distraction. Some students these days are so much addicted with the new technology invented. They cannot focus on their studies that much, unlike the students from the past. They can focus more on their studies because they doesn’t this thing that can cause them distraction, though they are having a hard time on their research, their knowledge are getting wider, they can read more information, unlike today, you will just copy and paste then print. Where’s the knowledge in that process?

Well, it doesn’t matter if you have these distractions or not, as long as you work hard and study smart it will give you a good result. If you study with focus and determination it will give you a worthy and great result. My final question is, where do you want to be in? To the time that everything was being done manually, but gives you more knowledge? Or the time where everything was easy? No matter what you choose, the long way or the short one, use it wisely. Do not let your knowledge stay on your paper, but also use it and apply it in your lives. Be smart in class and wise in life.

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