GTIS Students Take Part with BFP’s Earthquake and Fire Drill

GTIS Students Take Part with BFP’s Earthquake and Fire Drill

The Bureau of Fire Protection Tanza, took a visit at Good Tree International School on August 5, 2015 to conduct awareness for the most anticipated earthquake, “The Big One” as some may say, that is most likely to occur because of the west valley fault line. Students gathered by the school’s quadrangle along with their teachers. While they listened attentively as FO1 Edward Catindig started to explain the meaning of A.R.E.A, that should be remembered when an earthquake is on going.

A – Alarm. An alarm will be heard as an earthquake is reoccurring.
R – Response. As the ground shakes take cover first, hide under a table or place a hard object like a a book just right above your head.
E – Evacuation. Carefully make your way into an open field where there is no falling debris that can cause injuries.
A – Accounting. When the shaking stops, check your things and yourself if you are hurt or if something is lost.

GTIS student using fire extinguisher

GTIS student using fire extinguisher

The duck, cover, and roll was also taught and later demonstrated by each grade level in their respective classrooms.FO1 Max Gaisan discussed avoiding fire accidents. It was all about burns, treating and classifying them, the elements that make up the fire and the different kinds of fire. They also taught the students how to use a fire extinguisher, which is called P.A.S.S. First is to pull the pin, next is aim to the location of the fire, squeeze the lever and then go side to side to get a better angle to put out the fire immediately.


Fire station officers with GTIS Administrators

The earthquake and fire drill was successfully demonstrated, and in the end, students have gained more knowledge and are now more aware of their surroundings. They are now prepared for what is to come and what is anticipated to happen.


-Article by Mary Airene Baloloy

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