What our facilities look like

Elementary Building & Entrance

Here is the entrance of our school seen from outside

Drone Shot of GTIS

Before the Covered Court was built

After entering the Elementary Building

The beautiful playground and high school building at the back

Elementary & Library Building

As seen from the high school building


We’ve opened our online and offline library where students can freely read

Stairs and recycle bin in the elementary building

You can see the canteen on the right.

Badminton Area

In the left, you can see the canteen area and the building at the back is the High School building.

Badminton Area

Used as taekwondo training area when the weather is nice and sunny.

High School Building

Covered court on the left and this big area is used for volleyball. Can you spot the 2 bahay kubo?

Covered Court

A multipurpose court that can accommodate up to 1000 people. Mostly used as basketball or volleyball court. It’s also where students gather every Monday for the flag ceremony

Covered Court

We also hold big events here, like the annual school play.

School Library

A place where students can enjoy reading.

School Library from above

The sofa makes it a good place to read

School Library

35 tablets for the digital library 

Swimming Pool

No need to go to the pool when you have a pool in your school! From 3.5ft to 5ft, students learn how to swim before the year ends.

Swimming Pool

Every start of the school year, every grade level has a get together party in the pool. Also a year-end party.

High School Classroom

Capacity: 30 students

20ft Trampoline

A safe place to jump and grow

From the 4th floor High School Building

The breeze here is wonderful, but safety first.

Jungle Gym

Kids get creative playing in the jungle gym


A colorful seesaw and a slippery slide at the back

TLE Room

Senior High School students make their own coffee by hand drip technique

Preschool Classroom

A colorful and spacious classroom for the preschoolers

Student Conference Room

For the productive group studies

3rd Floor School Church

Senior High School students make their own coffee by hand drip technique

3rd Floor School Church

We also have our Parent-Teacher conference here

Parents & Guardian Waiting Area

Some of our supportive parents and guardians

Waiting Area Used as Free Medical Center

We use this area to give free medical consultation and medicine to the underprivileged on a monthly basis

Physics Laboratory

Science meets curious students

Dance Room

Mainly used for rehearsals for dance presentations or weekly taekwondo training

High School Hallway

The hallway is where creativity sparks

School Cafeteria

Parents and guardians prefers to use this air-conditioned aread to wait for their kids