GTIS Celebrates Teacher’s Day

GTIS Celebrates Teacher’s Day

Last October 1, 2015, GTIS celebrated Teacher’s Day in the GTIS Auditorium which was organized by the Student Body Organization.

Secretly organized, every grade level presented their gratitude towards their teachers and advisers through singing, dancing and acting. The Preschool students presented their dance and poem recital. The Grade 1 gave a heartfelt poem, Grades 2-4 gave hand-written letters to show their gratitude, Grade 5 sang “Flashlight” by Jessie J., Grade 6 sang “Glowing Inside”. The Grade 7 did a dance presentation and personal messages, Grade 8 gave a song and dance presentation in which they changed the song’s lyrics to compliment the teacher, Grade 9 delivered a great song. Lastly, the Grade 10 gave a great acting which made the teachers laugh.

Teachers are the reasons why students grow and nurture.

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