8 Tips on How to Review Effectively

8 Tips on How to Review Effectively

Periodical examination is just looming ahead of us and we need the best possible memories to cram up all our lessons into our head. Good thing I am here to give you tips that will help you review your lessons for the upcoming “hell week”. (The following tips are a mixture of information that has a scientific basis and experiential basis.)

1. Ask Your Teachers

Asking questions to your teachers about the lesson not only widens your knowledge but also gives a better impression to the said lesson. Better impression means that you will probably remember it more easily. For example, if you just listen to your teacher, you might not remember the lesson the following week but if you try to gain a distinguishable information from your teacher, you might remember it more easily.

2. Organize and Schedule

Pressure is one of the enemies of studying. Give yourself enough time to study without any hassle so that you won’t be stressed, also , organize your reviewing area to it’s most comfortable potential, find a special reviewing place if you can just so you can study comfortably , under a tree near your house for example , on the roof of your house or even a makeshift table as a secret tent. Try to keep it as personal and private as possible so that you won’t be disturbed.

3. Eat and Drink

Snacks not only give energy but also reduces the tension of stress while reviewing (just don’t eat too much). Try to eat food that help boost your energy like chocolate, it will help you keep alert during study lessons. Try to stay away from too much junk food that doesn’t give health benefits though.Memory enhancing foods like fish and spinach also help a lot especially if you have a lot of lessons to memorize. Do not also forget to drink lots of water to keep hydrated.

4. Wake Up Early

Even though being a night owl is a more appealing option, waking up early is very beneficial for us. Try to review early in the morning for a change. Study shows that waking up early has lot of positive effects like being less prone to depression, being more active and having healthier eating habits. But one of the most important benefits of waking up early is that it sharpens your mind and memory. Always remember that good memory leads to higher grades.

5. Make Flashcards

Instead of highlighting passages from your book, try to make flashcards about your lessons, it is more effective that way since you get to review while making the flashcards, plus it is more appealing to the eyes than boring highlights.Try to write a specific title of an idea, questions or even diagram from your lesson,then write the answer or the idea in the back. You can ask others to help you review by flashing the cards randomly at you while you answer each card’s indicated question.

6. Acquire the General Idea but Specify Your Answer

You do not need to memorize every word in the book. Study the process of the lesson and learn the main idea and conclusion of the text to understand it better. However,when answering, don’t dwell on generalities, answer your questions completely and connect other informations with your answer for better understanding.

7. Take A Break

Pause every now and then and just clear off your mind from the building tension. This will help in storing more information in your brain. Do not nap or sleep for it will be too much relaxation for your brain. How about doing your favorite hobby like playing rubiks cube or reading a book for 10 minutes. Just make sure that you get back to reviewing afterwards.

8. Use Acronyms and Representation

Instead of memorizing every word and numbers why not use acronyms or representation as a substitute. For example, instead of memorizing the primary colors as Red, Blue and Yellow you just need to remember the colors of the Philippine flag or remember the initials “RBY”. Another method is using actual people’s profile in your answers. For example, I am 15 years old . Girls celebrate their debut when they are 18 years old. The war between UK and France ended in 1815. Therefore The war between UK and France ended in “debut-Lemuel”. (trust me, it works)

These are some of the tips that will help enhance your reviewing skills.But always remember that there are no shortcuts for having  great minds, we need to do our best in everything we do to achieve our goals.  Stay smart and good luck on your exams!

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