Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips

In the eyes of people, being productive means they need to work hard and hard for them to be productive, thus it means getting/being rich. In contrary, this is not. There are top three tips for us to be productive. These are:

1. Have God in your Heart and Mind. Some people are just relying on their physical strength, even though they know God, they don’t accept Jesus and believe that He is the supreme ruler of mankind, without God, we are like a man living alone in an island, don’t know what to do. For us to be productive, we should first seek the kingdom of God and all of this things will be added unto you(Matthew 6:33) but if you became productive and use it in wrong way or in evil ways, says in Romans 6:23, for the wages of sin is death, so we must not commit sin, even though we already feel the best of life. Remember, we must not forget to give thanks to the Lord, for He has given us the able of being productive.

2. Discipline And Attitude. Of course we know what will happen if we don’t have discipline, all things are not going well because you don’t have discipline. Some people sometimes question themselves,” Why I am not productive, I am doing it my very best?”. Yes! You are doing your best, but is your attitude right for you to be productive? If you don’t have the right attitude and right discipline God will not give the productivity you want.

3. Family. Family is the third reason for being productive. If you have no family, and why are you wasting your time work and work? Top 2 is the family, top 1 is God. Family is our second inspiration, because, if your mother for example, is working very hard, then what will we do? Just stare at her? Of course, you’ll do the same. Hat is the root of being productive.

Another tip, just love the work you are having now, because if you enjoy it and all of this you always give thanks to the Lord, our Lord will be happy and let you have the productivity you want. 😀

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