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24 September, 2015

GTIS Bags 4 Gold Medals in Municipal Meet 2015

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  Four Taekwondo students of Good Tree International School Sarah Masicap, Adriel Jed Pastera, Aldrin Joshua Pastera, and Frank Ylanan copped a gold medal in the Tanza Municipal Meet 2015. More that 40 GTIS students joined various sports activities like Basketball men, Volleyball men, Volleyball women, Athletics, Taekwondo, Chess, Table Tennis, and Badminton. There were great improvements to the standings compared to last year’s municipal meet. Even though there weren't [...]

21 September, 2015

5 Bizarre Fruits and Vegetables

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From a horned vegetable, to a rare kind of citric fruit, and to a hairy kind of tropical fruit, I’ve counted five of the most bizarre fruits and vegetables you can see in this planet. Horned melon. It is a vine in the melon and cucumber family. It fruit has a horn-like structure, that’s why they called it horned melon. Ripe horned melon is yellow-orange in skin and lime-green with [...]

26 August, 2015

5 Unhealthy Food on the Planet

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Here are some food that are worst on the planet. After reading this, you might really change your way of eating your daily meals. Processed Meat; according to, the American Institute for Cancer Research, says that meats that are preserved through smoking, salting, curing, or that has been chemically preserved, are connected to the risk of colon cancer. These kind of food are inclined to have lots of salt, [...]

17 August, 2015

7 Lessons That Food Teaches Us

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We need food for our daily life. It is essential for us to live, grow and to be productive. But how about our spiritual life? We need to feed our spirits just the same not with materialistic food but with spiritual food so that we may understand God more and that we may be nearer to Him. And with that, here are 7 lessons that food taught us for our [...]

16 August, 2015

Top 3 Beaches in the Philippines

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Life would be boring without beaches. In other words, life without color blue is blank no happiness an enjoyment. Well, The Philippines is blessed with 7,107 islands that are rich in marine life and fresh blue water you could enjoy with. As a citizen of this country, I would like to share what our Philippines really have, that we are rich in natural resources and a wonderful country. Want some [...]

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