The Right Way to Click on Your Addicted Child

The Right Way to Click on Your Addicted Child

Every parent has the worries of their child being a victim of computer addiction. A lot of teenagers now days are very hard to control and discipline, so as a student, here are some tips I have summed up for every parent out there who loves their children.

First: Keep devices in public space

Being able to use the computer, there are a lot of temptations a teenager can experience, especially when it comes to sexual things. A button can show everything in our era. If children can’t show what they’re doing, isn’t it appropriate for them to not to do it at all?

Second: Self development

My brother was a computer addict as well, he never left the computer after coming from school and he always was an expert when it comes to games. Well my father being the disciplinarian he is, told my brother that it was ok for him to use the computer, but he had one condition: When using the computer don’t just play games but do something that will help you in the near future and something that can develop your own skills. And so he did and now by making sites in the internet and designing by Photoshop he has earned lots of money and bought IPads, IPods, and IPhones without asking my dad for money. Sometimes saying no is not the answer, know how to make the negatives a positive.

Third: Social Life

A lot of boys communicate from other players all over the world by computer games; this can actually help their social life rather than lying on their bed alone in their room. This can also be a lot of help for those adolescence with social issues. But don’t let this become more to them than what there is in reality.

Fourth: Family time

A lot of adolescence starts playing games because of boredom and loneliness.  Maybe having more time within the family can help them do other things than playing games. This might be more effective when the child is younger because what they do when they are young highly affects their attitude when they grow up. If having family time would be hard for you, it is also advisable to let them spend time in taking lessons like piano, taekwondo, or learning other languages to make your child be more productive yet less addictive.

Being a parent is a really hard responsibility, but it is also the most respectful position in this whole world. For children might not know now, but they’ll always appreciate everything you have done as long as time passes by. Be the best parent you can ever be, may the odds ever be in your favor.

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About the Author:

Eun Sem Jhung is currently a fourth year student in Good Tree International School. She is one of the Editor in Chief of the Fruit Of Faith.

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