Tips on How to Eat in a Buffet

Tips on How to Eat in a Buffet

Eating in a buffet is satisfying because there are a lot of varieties of foods that you can eat yet eating here is costly. Some people are not satisfied in eating in a buffet because they are already full on their first round and they feel that they paid big on a small amount of food. So here are some tips on how you can enjoy your hundred pesos plus meal. Let’s start.

Start with a small meal.

It is the most important strategy in eating in a buffet. If you start small your stomach will not be filled so much and you won’t feel that you’re full. It is also a good technique if you want to taste all of the food in the buffet. It is like taste them all before going on your big meals.

Don’t drink water in the middle of your meal.

Drinking water in the middle of your meal can make you lose your appetite. It can also make you feel full. When the water goes in your stomach, it will touch every part of it so it will make you fell full. So don’t drink water unless you choke.

Don’t eat in a buffet if you’re very hungry.

The tendency is that you will get a lot of foods in your first meal so you already broke the first tip. If you are very hungry, you will crave for more foods and you will be full on your first round. You can eat if you’re hungry but not very hungry.

Wait 3-5 minutes before eating another meal.

In a buffet, you’re given 2-3 hours to eat and this time is long enough to enjoy your hundred pesos plus meal. After a meal, you need to rest for a while. The stomach needs 10 minutes telling to the brain that you are full. Don’t be in a hurry if you’re in a buffet. Just take your time and enjoy.

Don’t try to finish the food if you don’t like it.

It’s like doing something that you don’t like and you will feel tired even though you just start doing it. In eating it is the same; when you eat something that you don’t want you will feel full even though you just start eating.

Chew your food well.

Chewing your foods finely will help you to enjoy your meal. If finer foods will get in your stomach the more foods you can eat. Try to chew your food very well because a finely chewed food will occupy just a small area in your stomach. So it means that you can try a lot of foods if you do this.
So those are some tips on how to enjoy your money in a buffet. Follow this tips and you will be satisfied in a buffet.

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  1. Justin Knox March 22, 2016 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the tips. I am trying to watch my diet more which is hard because I really enjoy buffets. I like the idea to even just give some time between servings, as you mentioned. Does that help the food settle a little bit more?

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