Online Tutorial

Keep up with the academic skills needed for the next school year.

One on One Tutorial

Make summer break productive

You’re off to a great start with your child’s learning. But now that the school year is over, your child needs a new kind of learning to keep up momentum. In this summer, help your child learn where they can’t always learn in a classroom.

Get your child through summer break with more learning

Good Tree International School is offering online one on one tutorial to make summer break more productive for your child. Our engaging online one on one tutorial is designed to help your child with the transition from school to home, helping them spend their time productively and enjoyably.

Test out our online platform

Join this class to get a feel for our online platform. We offer a unique learning environment for children from preschool right through to Grade 12.

PHP 3000/month


Make Summer Break Productive for Your Child

Tutorial Starts on May 17, 2021

Daily Schedule

May 17, 2021


1 hour a day

Resources Needed

Internet Connection

Notebook & Pen


Phone/tablet is accepted too

Webcam & Headset

To communicate online with the teacher

Enjoy the best education for your child